Buysomegrass.com was established in 2002 and started by entrepreneurs Mark Ford and Joel Colombero. The purpose of our involvement is twofold, both financial and environmental. Environmentally our product is an important contribution in addressing the water shortage crisis in California. In addition, it provides us with the wages we need to live and to save our clients valuable money in water consumption fees and lawn maintenance.
Mark and I operate on a simple business principle and serves both ourselves and our clients. It’s the ‘due unto others’ model of business. For a business to survive there must be a profit built into the sale, ultimately a successful business will balance out profit with customer benefit. It’s a mutual relationship that requires respect from both parties. Mark and I will only deliver to clients whom we know we are benefiting through the sales of our product and services. This is a practical as well as moral approach to business. We want your referrals so we are going to make sure you are happy with your purchase.

We prefer an intimate sales approach. We want to meet with you face to face to help understand fully your landscaping needs. This also helps establishing a rapport with our clients. Through this personalization we can better serve the best interest of the client. As people we tend to put more care into those individual whom we know and trust. The quality of our work is irrefutable so we are very careful to focus on communication with the client. High quality installation is irrelevant if it has not been finished according to the customer specifications.  

Your in good hands with buysomegrass.com.