How You Save
You save through a three tier cost benifit analysis. This information is provided to us through our customers, and through the California Water Commision Grass Rebate website
Your monthly Gardening expenses!
The average cost of a Gardener in the bay area according to Home advisor is 212.00 per month. We aggregated this data from:
Prices vary dependent from client to client.
Your California Synthetic Grass Rebate
Up to 2000.00 or two dollars a Square Ft.
The Average sized lawn in the Bay Area is over 1000.00 sq. ft. its about 500 for the front yard and another 500.00 for the back. Your California Tax water rebate will typically max out at 2000.00.
Here is link to download the application for the Tax Rebate.
Your monthly water bill!
Your monthly water bill. Approximately half of all your water bill expense comes from watering your lawn. A typical bay area water bill ranges from 200.00 to 400.00 dollars a month. For tier three we will factor in a water bill of 300.00 per month half of which will be illuminated through the installation of synthetic lawn.

Savings per Month